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Friday, April 01, 2011

A VERY good day

My wife had a meeting in Sydney today, so I was responsible for the morning drop-off of children **and** the afternoon pick-up. After my commute each way, this meant I'd only have four hours at the office.

Since I have about eleven hours of flex time saved up, I got my permission from my boss to just take the whole day off. Since I would've only "earned" four hours today, anyhow, this only puts me four hours down from what I would've had.

Spent most of my time finishing the lumber rack in my workshop -- then shifting pieces of wood around so I can actually walk around again! I can now also walk directly from one half of the workshop to the other! (Used to be blocked by a pile of lumber across a sawhorse, and a large piece of plywood.)

Also shifted a storage rack from "across the garage door" (there was nowhere else to put it) to "against the wall. And am closer to having room to put the great-grandfather workbench from Next-Door Uncle.

I considered posting a photo or two -- but realized that no one except me notice the difference between "before" and "after". ;)

Then I picked up The Girl from school, took her to her piano lesson, and then went to a branch of Cash Converters (a chain of pawn shops) that I haven't been to for several months. One Ibanez electric guitar with two humbuckers and a Charvel-ish "fake Strat" body shape. Although it was green, it didn't **grab** me -- so I left it behind.

I did, however, pick up a well-priced D-shaped tambourine.

So: I removed a major bottleneck in my "resurrecting the functionality of my workshop" project, and got to browse for music gear. A fruitful day. :)


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