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Thursday, June 09, 2005

iMac quirk

So, this could be because the iMac is running OS 9-point-something, rather than ten-point-something:

Monday, Tuesday, couldn't access the web through my parents' iMac. Dial-up component worked fine -- but starting Netscape would cause it to hang, and I don't know how to terminate a specific application with macs -- so had to reboot.

Wednesday, didn't even try.

Thursday, took another look at the Netscape error message: something about trying to print something from a year ago. Huh. Unplugged the USB floppy drive, plugged the printer back in to the USB port, turned the printer power on. And this time, Netscape managed to load.

So, "pinging" the printer must be partof Netscape's startup routine. (Something installed by the printer's drivers, to check for updates or order supplies?) Weird. And stupid/annoying.



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