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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Adjusting to being back

So, got back to Brisbane Friday morning. Warm welcomes from Ralphie and from Tall Guy. Somewhat jet lagged, but more due to lack of sleep -- very hard to sleep in those teeny airplane seats! -- than to the time change (seven hours difference, but a day ahead).

Went out and rented "Bride and Prejudice," watched it that night. Cute! Pretty good, worth renting; good dance sequences. Cultural differences that were intriguing.

Saturday, ran errands at the local mall. Forgot to bring the DVD with us to return (overnight rental), so that evening I got to drive it back to the local movie rental place. Surprisingly, I re-acclimatized to Aussie "on-the-left" driving remarkably quickly! But it was only a short hop, with two turns in each direction: I'll still let The Lady do the "real" driving for the next week or so.

Now that I'm back, the two things that I'm having a hardest time adjusting to:

(1) No free turns on red. Even if it's a near turn, you gotta wait for the light to change.

(2) Sales tax included in the sticker price. When I was visiting the Seattle area, I kept getting caught out by the total price being the sticker price plus sales tax. In Australia, sales tax is included in the sticker price -- so if your magazine is $2.35, you know ahead of time to get $2.35 out. A good sytem. More honest, less deceptive: the sticker price is what you actually pay. And it makes the lines at the checkout stand go slightly faster, in my opinion.

A good visit, but also good to be back. Nearly every day had a lunch appointment and a dinner appointment. Fun to be social, but also very busy, without much "down time."

Many thanks to all the swell people that spent time with us. :)



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