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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Blew out my back

As I mentioned, I've been inspired by the Marie Kondo book The Joy of Tidying, so I've being going through the easy, and self-contained portions of our messy, messy house.

One insight that she shares in her book is that people in disorganized homes tend to buy multiples of things that they already have, because they don't have a sense of what they already own.  Yep.

In our instance, I went though the "doggy shelf" in the laundry room, and we had about 15 packets of various sorts of doggie treats -- some "best used by" 2016, some for 2017, and some for 2018.  About two-thirds of the packets were already opened -- indicating that the surplus packages were purchased (without regard for what was already in the cupboard), one or two items were given to the dogs, and then the new package was added to the pile.

Note that I already went through the doggy cupboard a year ago, and got rid of the truly old stuff:  so most of this is recent.

But, I digress:  the intended point of this blog entry is to note that at around 3pm,  as I bent down to pick up a small packet of dog treats off the floor, my lower back abruptly went into spasm and I had to drop to my hands and knees.  Weird.  And since, then, my lower back has been sore, and I've been walking like an old man.

Luckily it's muscular -- I presume -- rather than a pinched nerve or bad disk.  Still a nuisance, though.

Because I hadn't yet fed and watered the chickens yet, and it had to be done, I carried on -- slowly and carefully, and maintaining a regal posture.  (I was the only one home:  everyone else was out with The Lady, running errands.)  And I vacuumed the bedroom, too -- because I said I would, and it would've already been done if I'd done that first, instead of prioritizing doing "fun" things.

Stupid, probably -- but I don't think I made the injury any worse...

On the bright side:  I have a bottle of mysterious Chinese heat rub, which I rarely get to use.  So!  I'll get to use some of it tonight.


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