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Friday, July 29, 2016

My movie review of What If

Last night I watched What If? on DVD, with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter!!!) and Zoe Kazan.

Guy has a bad break-up, and a year later meets a woman who he completely connects with, but it already in a long-term relationship. But they become friends, and he lives a tortured life for the next year or so.

Somewhat low-key, but good pacing:  I enjoyed it. Reasonably witty, with some good lines. Picked it up used for two bucks, but would probably put it on my “To Buy” list, as I can see myself wanting to re-watch it in the future.

Some implied nudity, possibly some swearing (I didn't specifically notice), and some frank sexual talk.

Worth watching if you like Rom-Coms. Also, I tend to like movies with Zoe Kazan in them (Ruby Sparks, In Your Eyes) – although I don't know if it's because she's a good actor, or because she knows how to choose film projects well.


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