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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Movie review - Safety not Guaranteed

Safety Not Guaranteed – Takes place in Seattle (yay!).  A female magazine intern gets assigned to a story based on an unusual personals ad in the paper, where a man has advertised for a travelling companion for his time machine.

Through the whole movie, it's ambiguous as to whether the guy is just a nut, or whether he really has built a time machine.

I found the ending satisfying.

Not a top-rated movie, but quietly satisfying. However, the two sub-plots with the two males who came with her (they work at the same magazine) seemed extraneous:  except for adding to the run time, there didn't seem much point to those sub-plots.  Eh.

A few swear words and some mention of sex; no nudity or particular violence.

Worth seeing once -- although not everyone will enjoy it. I thought it was "pretty good".

The main character is “Julie” from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, for what it's worth.  




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