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Friday, December 05, 2014

Mister Funnyboy

In The Lady's family, the tradition is that people submit “wish lists” for birthdays and Christmas. This makes it easier for the gift-givers -- although people do sometimes give things that aren’t on the list. (Certainly, it makes it easier for people who are difficult to buy for.)

B2's (very logical) list (future programmer?) is of the form:

“-Monster High DVDs -- that aren’t on The Girl’s list

-Ninjago DVDs -- that aren’t on The Girl’s list

-Lego sets -- that aren’t on The Girl’s list

-Video games -- that aren’t on The Girl’s list...” 

In contrast, B1’s/Blondie Boy's (numbered!) list started out “legitimate" -- including “pencil case", “alarm clock", and “a big pack of pens" -- but then he abruptly skipped to #99(?!), and said:

“Things that Mommy said ‘No’ to, but I still want them!!!!!!!!!!!! ‏ 

-Booger gun 

‏-Burger gun ‏


‏-Car” ‏

His verbal explanation for “car” was that he didn’t have his license yet -- but he would eventually. ‏ (He's 7yo.)

Little Mister Funnyman. ;) Let’s see how he is as a teenager.


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