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Friday, December 05, 2014

Great Krav class

Had another Krav Maga class.   **Really** enjoyed it:  it's everything I've been searching for in a martial arts class for the last fifteen years.

Did some review of previous sessions' techniques, including a "friendly" escape from a one-handed shirtfront grab.  Then did an extension of that, where you've messed it up and your arm gets tangled -- how to turn it into an armbar-style takedown.

Then did a defense against a two-handed shirtfront grab -- with the anticipation that the attacker is trying to headbutt you.  It ends up with a wristlock and a takedown.

I **love** arm throws and wristlocks!!!  (Sometimes I miss Aikido a bit...)  So I particularly enjoyed this session.

The other thing that was great about that nights' session was that we closed out the class -- as we often do -- with a controlled free-for-all:  in the school hall (basically the gym), four of the painted lines formed a rectangle, which was the zone in which everyone wandered around.

Four of the students were attackers, and everyone else defended.  The attacker with the kick shield would "boomf" another student, who would then defend and retaliate.  Two of the attackers had medium-length sticks, and would attack the beginner students with a "pin" across the chest (which would then get countered), or -- against the more senior students, with an overhand strike (which would get blocked and countered).

And the fourth person -- me! -- had a dagger (a short wooden dowel), with which I would attack people with a circular attack, and they would block and counter.

With all of these, the more senior the defender, the broader the range of counter-attacks they would throw.

Well, this time -- I'm not sure why -- the instructor joined in.  (Usually, he just watches.)  So when he was nearby, I took a stab at him -- and because he's advanced (of course!) part of his counter was a weapons take-away, plus a wristlock takedown.  Except, because he was being considerate, he didn't complete the throw -- he just put me off-balance a bit.

"Go ahead -- throw me!"  I said.  He looked hesitant.

"It's OK -- I've had two semesters of Judo!  Go ahead!  Wait -- reset!"  I backed off -- then re-attacked.  And, he did the takedown -- and I slapped the floor, and "fell" safely.

(Hm.  I can't remember whether the floor is concrete, or fake wood.  Certainly it's not a "sprung" wooden floor...)

A few minutes later, he was "open", and in my vicinity -- so I attacked him again.  This time he threw me right away.  (And took the "knife" away.  And helped me up.  And gave it back.)

So:  two takedowns, including a wristlock -- and I got thrown by the instructor!  A good night.  :)

P.S.  Technically, it was only one semester of Judo.  But I've had a little Aikido as well.  So it probably equals about two semesters of doing "hard falls".

I don't remember much about the throws or wristlocks.  But golly, I do remember how to fall!  :)

P.P.S.  He's a really good instructor.  If you're in the Brisbane area, you should stop by.


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