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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Cloud computing shortcomings

As I understand it, ''cloud computing'' is when you don't keep your files on your local device (your laptop, tablet, etc.), and instead just keep it on some server -- often third-party -- somewhere on the internet.

It sounds swell -- access to the internet is pretty ubiquitous these days -- but a few shortcomings to this approach occurred to me.

1) Internet access.  You won't always be in a place where there is internet access.  And sometimes you'll have to pay for the internet access.  Wouldn't it be easier to to have the data already on your hard drive?

2) Security.  Even if the service **claims** to store files in an encrypted manner -- can you verify this?  It could be a giant scam to get ahold of copies of your financial documents, for identity theft.  Of course, this is more of an issue for when someone other than yourself or your workplace is hosting -- esp. if it's a free, or oddly inexpensvie, service.

3) Impermanence.  What happens if the company's servers crash -- or worse (and probably more likely) suddenly goes out of business?  How do you get your files?  (BTW, this is why I still buy CDs, rather than ''rent'' them from iTunes.  My understanding is that techncially you don't ''own'' the music you get from iTunes:  you're just leasing it.)


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