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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Idyllic morning

This morning the kids Tae Kwon Do class had a special "Saturday session":  an optional class where all the various branches met at the same place and had a three-hour training session, with a potluck afterwards.

During that session I sat in the car, with the windows rolled down, and read recording magazines.  It was a warm, but not hot, morning, with fairly consistent breeze -- so it wasn't at all hot while sitting in the car.  I'd brought along a "fake beer" (non-alcoholic), and after I finished that I walked to the 7-11 less than a block away and picked up a large slushie.  Then, back to reading.

It was the nicest morning I'd had in a long time!  When I win the lottery, I aim to spend most mornings like that...


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