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Friday, October 24, 2014

Are your truffles too squeaky

Two days ago (Wednesday), during my lunchtime walk, I happened across a small "natural foods"(?) store downtown.  It had only been open for three weeks.

Among other things, they had Mrs. Dash seasoning.  I hadn't noticed that it's not available here in Brisbane, until I saw it and realized that I never see it in the grocery store.  Bought a shaker of it.

They also had truffle oil: little bottles of oil, with slices of black truffle in it.  I'd never tasted truffle before, but I'd heard of it, so I was curious.

Yesterday and today, I tried putting it on my microwaved veggies at work.  It was tolerable -- but it didn't make my food taste better -- just "different" (and a little weird).

Since I was just tolerating it, rather than enjoying it, I figured it was a waste to force myself to use up the bottle -- because someone else would actually appreciate it.  So I'm giving it to a co-worker.

But, now I know:  I don't appreciate black truffles.




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