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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review of the movie INCEPTION

So, saw Inception on DVD last night.

The basic notion is that corporate espionage is now at the level where people can invade other people's dreams and trick them into revealing corporate secrets -- what the folks in the movie call ''extraction''.  A team of brain hackers (my term, not theirs) wants to take this one step further, by strategically planting a thought (i.e. ''inception'').

The movie was pretty good.  Engaging.  Some violence; I don't recall there being notable bad language or sex-type things.  It was well-executed, although the whole ''dream inside a dream'' concept was vaguely reminiscent of The Matrix.

So, engaging and  well-done, although the whole premise of dreams being so realistic that you can't tell whether you're awake or dreaming seemed far-fetched.  Telling them apart has never been a problem for me: I've **always** been able to tell that I was dreaming (or at least, always sensed it, on some deep level).

Anyhow:  worth a rent.




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