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Thursday, August 07, 2014

That college dream once again

So, last night I had a variation of that "in college" dream -- again.

This time it was about a month into the semester, I was enrolled in four different courses, and already I was completely behind:  I hadn't had a chance to do **any** of the reading, or **any** of the assignments. 

And it was too late to drop any of the classes without getting a "Fail" on my transcript -- so I was stuck. 

I think one course was a history course, and one was math.

And I dimly recall having yet another "in college" dream a week or two before this -- except that it was a brief component of a larger dream. This time, it was at the **end** of the semester.  I was terribly, terribly behind in all of my classes: I could probably salvage a passing grade in one, but I'd for sure fail the rest of the classes.

I had accumulated several semesters of several fails per semester.  How was I ever going to finish my graduate degree when three-fourth of my classes each term were "Fails"? 

I'm pretty sure this is my subconscious saying that I feel like I have too many things on my "To Do" list at home, and I don't feel like I'm making enough progress.

It might also indicate that this lack of progress is bothering me.  Hm!  Could be.




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