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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


As you probably know, I tend to rescue things rather than have them go to the dump.

I rescued this item from the side of the road about five years ago.  Not sure exactly what it is -- although it appears to be automotive in some way.

It has a pair of (gimpy) castor wheels in the front, and room for another pair of wheels in the back.  The lever raises and lowers a small assembly inside.  I always figured I could retrofit it to be some sort of holder of recording equipment, or some sort of rolling tool rack.

But.  Over the last few months I'd pondered what **specifically** I'd use it for.  Every idea I came up with made me realize that it would be faster, easier, and more effective to just build something from scratch to fulfill that role, rather than trying to awkwardly retrofit this cart thingy for that purpose.

You see, I've massively scaled back on my hoarding behavior:  I no longer keep ''spare'' things unless I know **specifically** what I'll use them for.  (Note:  boxes of nails or screws for 50c at garage sales don't count.  Although, I guess I'll use them for ''woodworking''...)

So, as part of my cleaning up my workshop -- auto shop repair thingy had to go.  I asked my wife's uncle, and my metalworking next-door brother-in-law -- both of whom appreciate spare parts.  Both declined.

So, it went out on the curb, with a sign stating ''FREE!!!''.

It sat there Tuesday.  And Wednesday.  And Thursday I went back to work -- and when I got home, it was still there.  And all through the weekend.

And then, just when I thought that I would have to bring it back in from the curb:  Monday night, after work -- gone!!!

So, I guess it found a new home.



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