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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Birds at the Australian Zoo

About half of the animal demonstrations at the noontime (11am?) show at the Australia Zoo was birds.  The other half was crocodiles.

Once the bird demos started, it was easy to tell why some people chose to sit where they did:  they were near where the birds would come, perch, and then fly back to the trainers.

This clip shows some huge sort of bird.  I don't remember the name -- but it was **huge**!!!  It came flying in from over the stadium wall.  Near the end (0:07 - 0:12) you can see a trainer in the lower left of the screen.  Relative to that person, I reckon the wingspan is about 8 feet, maybe wider.

In this one, you can't really make out the audio, but they asked for volunteers from the audience.  The woman was told that the birds were trained to fetch rectangular pieces of paper.  She was told to take a $10 bill, fold it into quarters, pinch it between her fingers and then hold her arm out.

Yeah, the person laughing like a dork is me.

This final video actually happened in our backyard:  it's a willy wagtail. The reason for the name is apparent once you see them.

And -- them's the birds!  :)


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At August 01, 2012 6:13 AM, Anonymous Dave'ola said...

As always, excellent coverage. Whereabouts is the Australian Zoo, for us non-natives?


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