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Monday, October 03, 2011

Reasonably productive weekend

Had a pretty good weekend -- and by "good", I apparently mean "productive".

Made substantial progress on the luggage rack for the garage: it's a place to put misc. boxes, suitcases, and such which are currently haphazardly piled on the floor in the middle of the garage. It's more efficient to make use of vertical space: right now the pile is only about waist height; I want to move it to ankle-through-forehead height, and against the wall.

I have yet to put two more horizontal braces, plus a diagonal, on the main framework. And I need to cut and install all the slats for the platform: right now there's nothing to the shelves, just the framework. I'll post a photo when it's completed.

AND -- I mangage to get some recording done!!! Sunday night, spent about two hours with a song I haven't recorded on since May(!!!). Played back the existing tracks (most of them "scratch" tracks, but three were intended to be keepers) -- and realized that I'd recorded it at the wrong tempo! Sang a track just vocals, no instruments, just to see the inherent speed. Ayep -- noticeably off.

So, had to dump all of the existing tracks, and start over. Ah well: good experience. And the existing tracks didn't line up very well, anyhow. It had been so long since I'd recorded that I'd forgotten my basic approach, so I hadn't laid down a reference vocal track (i.e., to keep track of where I am in the song -- verse, chorus, etc.).

So: I now have a click track (a wooden metronome, which may remain in the final mix as an unusual percussion track), and a scratch vocal track. Onwards and upwards!

BTW -- the metronome had an unpleasant buzzing sound with every click. Turned out that the sides of the case were buzzing: when I pinched the sides with my fingers, the tone improved. So, held the sides in with a woodworking clamp before recording it.


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