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Gye Greene's Thoughts (w/ apologies to The Smithereens and their similarly-titled album!)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Three musical thoughts

1) When I next visit Seattle, I should try to spend a few days with Guitar Cousin -- see if we're able to co-write, and record, a few songs together. Haven't done that in years and years.

2) A few days ago, was listening to our self-made album (circa 1992) while at work. Had forgotten that we'd recorded a version of Guitar Cousin's and my first co-written song.

3) If I won the lottery, I'd track down Kevin "Captain Crash" Adams(our drummer; pay his living expenses (for his wife and kids) for a month; and then spend a month at Strigidae Studios getting back into practice and laying down some tracks, plus general hanging around. (Studio owner permitting, of course.)

Back when Guitar Cousin, Capt. Crash and I would have band practice a few times a week, and catch live local bands at cheap bars and clubs a few times a month. Those were good times... :)


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