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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Two keys to business success

Watched "The Apprentice" last night. The Lady and I discussed the outcome. The show's really interesting to two social scientists like ourselves: small group dynamics and all that.

We've concluded there's two keys to winning the weekly challenges: market research, and marketing. That is: get something that people will pay money for; and make sure they know about it.

Useful info, for marketing the music of TG and myself, WIFMD(tm).

Interesting that no one on the show really has good leadership/management skills: ability to resolve conflicts between workers; after delegating tasks, remembering to follow up on whether the task got done. Instead, the contestants talk about "having fire," "being tough," "having hunger." Misses the point. Doesn't matter how much you want it, if your strategy's flawed.



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