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Friday, May 06, 2005

Hey! Gots a job interview!

I think I already posted that I have two separate batches of job applications pending: one set of applications for a govt. research job downtown (identical positions, but one's permanent, while the other's a one-year contract); and another batch for a social science research center here on campus (one for a "Research Officer," and another for one of three openings as a "Research Assistant"; all are one-year contracts).

Just received an e-mail today, saying they want to interview me Monday for the higher-level position (Research Officer). Nifty! 11:50am. Will actually trim my beard, wear a tie. ;)

Actually, I enjoy wearing ties; I just don't get around to it too often. Partly, it depends on my closet and how accessible my ties are. Currently, they're awkward to get to, so I don't wear 'em. I have some nice ties, and some truly grotesque ones; I alternate.

As long as I don't say anything rude or insulting, I think my odds are pretty good. Even if they don't hire me for the higher position, they'd probaby [hopefully?] -- just downgrade me to one of the Research Assistant positions. I'm willing to "work my way up the ladder," and the pay's reasonably similar (AU$4k/year less?). And, a job's a job.

Getting one of the downtown positions might be a stronger resume-builder; and there's a really good used CD shop just a few blocks away; and there's **two** 7-11's within a few blocks -- so in case one of the Slushie machines is down, I can just go across the street!

OTOH, the on-campus job is more flexible: they claim to be "family friendly," so some weeks I could potentially work "four tens" and watch The Bub the other day (maybe a Wednesday?); other weeks, I could at least still commute in with The Lady.

Either way: it'd be nice to double(-ish) our household income!

Job, job, job, job, job...!



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