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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Man! All those programming languges!!!

After I posted yesterday's entry about the mystery programming Language "A*", Mr. More Apples, a friend of Old Roommate, provided me with a link to a website listing all sorts of obscure languages:

The one I saw at the book sale was probably ABCL/1 or ABCL/R (1986/1988); possibly ALGOL (1960s-1970s).

Now I'm thinking that for a buck or two, I should've just picked up the book. Ah well. :)

I have a fortnightly "spending money" allowance as part of the household budget. (In Aussie-land, they do things "fortnightly," rather than "biweekly.") Also, because of the way I am, I keep track -- out of curiousity -- of how much I spend per month on music gear, and also woodworking things. A few months ago, I also started tracking computer-related expendatures.

So, I sorted the books from the book sale into piles based on subject -- and tallied up the total for each pile. Added each pile's total to the relevant list of spendings, which I keep on my computer.

Then I tried putting them away, except that the bookshelf in the study is too full. Just **barely** managed to squeeze in the computer-ish books (about eight of them), but the music books and the woodworking/home handyperson books just plain wouldn't fit.

Guess we gotta build a bigger house! :)

Actually, The Lady and I both like books, so the house plan we chose has an attached two car gar garage -- which will actually be the Library/home office. Bookshelves ALLLLL around the perimieter! Should take us a year or two to fill.


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