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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Film micro-short of three timestreams

Another film micro-short:  fairly abstract this time.

Playing with time-lapse filming (rather than slo-mo), as well as having fun with lighting.

Everything is low-budget:  a $50 "action camera" (i.e. fake GoPro); some battery-powered "shop lights/work lights"; and blue Christmas lights and plstic file folders for the light "gels".

Hat-tip to The Girl for suggesting using time lapse:  I was looking for something different.

The camera was capturing a frame every half-second -- so it took about seven minutes for us to get 30 seconds worth of screen time.



Sunday, July 19, 2020

A box of books

Went through another box from the porch today:  a box of paperback books from The Lady's grandmother's house.  Unfortunately, due to the heat and humidity, some of the covers were stuck to each other.  But at least none of the books had their edges eaten by bugs.

I also started on another box, which has folders of photocopied journal articles -- one folder per criminological theory.  Some of the folders I recycled the whole thing (but first checked the title of each article); for three of the folders I kept three or four articles, but recycled the rest.  Still more to go from that box -- but, some other day.


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Friday, July 10, 2020

Good Song - Regina Spektor "One Little Soldier"

Saw this a few months ago on YouTube, and just came across it again.  A good song (IMO).

One thing that impresses me is that the chorus packs a lot of punch, relative to the verse -- but it's more than just "loud/soft" -- and it doesn't rely on distorted guitars for its power.  So:  good arranging, and mixing; congrats.  :)


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