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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Four more boxes

Four more boxes:

-A box of un-paired socks -- although it turns out that they weren't all un-paired:  I made seven pairs for myself, and five for The Lady; other onesies look familiar, and might have pairs in our current basket of un-paired socks.

-A box apparently from the laundry room:  a plastic yogurt container of about 20 connectors for a "build a cube" set of home storage shelves; a kit for "dry cleaning in your clothes drier"; two plastic bags for "storing clothes compactly by sucking the air out of the bag full of clothes" (they tend to leak, so inflate over time; I cut them open and am using them as dropcloths for messy work); two little kid plastic placemats (put them through they washing machine with the mis-matched socks, then hung up to dry); and a soft-sided insulated shoulder bag, for picnics and such (also put through the washing machine, then hung up to dry). 

-A narrow box with three mostly-empty three-ring binders:  tossed the binders (dirty, rusty, and uses US paper sizes not AU); kept the colored plastic "section dividers" from the larger binder, to use as colored gels (also put through the washing machine, in a separate load, with the un-paired socks). Also had a (stained) dish towel, and an orange unlabelled floppy disk (will destroy and discard).

-The final box was a heartbreaker:  it was mostly drawings I'd done in middle school and high school; unfortunately the bottom of the box had got wet, which attracted termites (wet wood pulp!) -- so most of the drawings were damaged.  Most were largely salvageable, though - or else I didn't care about them.  The box also had a round stained glass of a duck (about the size of a large serving platter; am giving to a friend of The Girl), a plastic thing of my initials that I made years ago; a (damaged) "League of Heroes" pennant I made in middle school or high school (during my "super hero" period); some strands of musical notes that are Christmas tree or party decorations (not worth salvaging); a Ramones postcard that I used to have on the wall (the bottom corner is gone, but will keep the postcard); and three Christian decorative metal etched(?) pictures that were a fad in the early 90s. 

The salvaged drawings are inside, drying on various flat surfaces.  In a few days I'll brush off the dust and grit with a soft brush, and figure out a better way of storing them.


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