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Monday, June 15, 2020

Completed the one-thirds and shot some footage

A little bit during my lunch break, and the rest after work:  finished the remaining one-thirds of that box of The Lady's project from about 1997.

After work, I shot some footage for Father's Day for my dad, for this coming weekend:  The Girl is using my "good" camera and my "good" tripod (nothing fancy; but it's solid).  But both D4Darious and ponysmasher (YouTube guys that discuss filmmaking) say that you shouldn't let your lack of gear keep you from shooting movies.

So, I used my AU$98 off-brand GoPro, and my AU$15 (not very good) tripod, and shot some slo-mo, backwards footage of the kids. It came out pretty well -- esp. since B1 (Blondie Boy) suggested that it would be more interesting to drop the word cards instead of set them down (like I had envisioned) -- and then The Girl expanded on that by suggesting they throw them up in the air.

The editing was by The Girl, on her computer:  I think I went too cheap with my used PC last time:  it only has 2GB RAM, so even though that's enough for recording and for editing audio, when I try to do video work it seizes up.  I've been meaning to pick up some more (old!) RAM -- but then COVID-19 came around.  Plus, I think the most I could fit in would be 4GB -- and I'd like to shot for at least 8GB.


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