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Monday, December 30, 2019

A glut of gluts

Am working on a chairmaking project (see adjacent post) -- and as part of that I'm splitting some wood, to ensure that the chair components are reasonably straight-grained (i.e. minimizing grain run-out, to maximize the strength of the wood).

I have a splitting "kit", with a small mallet, about eight (would have to count them) metal wedges -- and, as you can see here -- a glut of gluts.

Gluts are essentially wooden wedges -- usually longer and wider than the metal wedges -- which are used to further the split as well as free the trapped metal wedges.  Typically they are user-made.

Most of the ones you see here had the point created by my hewing hatchet (which has a bevel [i.e. angle] only on one side -- which makes it easier to aim, and thus achieve the desired angle of cut.

As with most of my tools that I use outdoors (e.g. pruners; pruning saw), I've painted the ends pink:  makes them easier to find when I'm working over a brown and/or cluttered surface -- e.g. dirt, leaves, branches.

If you look closer at the photo (click to enlarge?), you'll see that I've marked most of them with the word "GLUT":  some of them are rather beat-up, so I don't want to accidentally mistake them for firewood -- and then have to craft new ones.  Instead, I plan to use these until they fall apart (had to discard two today, for just that reason).  



Friday, December 27, 2019

Jumanji sequel kinda review

This is a kind-of review of the Jumanji sequel:  I expected it to be pretty good, but not quite as good as the original -- and that's exactly right.

By "the original", I mean the one with The Rock, not the Robin Williams original.

The whole family went and saw the movie.  I saw the cardboard lobby display, with the gap, and embarrassed my kids by having my wife take my photo with it (I figured the gap was left there intentionally).

I'm pretty sure this is how you're supposed to do it:

But I thought it was more interesting to do it like this:

Amusing to me, anyhow...


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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Two possible hats

Went to Bunnings (large hardware store) today, with The Lady.  The Lady was looking through the flowerpots aisle, and I found these two:

Potential hats for a music video -- perhaps as a nod to Devo's "power domes".

Bought the green one, which was reasonably priced:  the clear one was oddly expensive -- something like AU$25 -- which seemed too high for a "joke purchase".


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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Wrong symbolism

I've driven past this tons of times -- and only now realized the discrepancy.

Hint:  Those aren't ice-flakes....


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