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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Good bed design for truck camper conversion

At about 7:45.  Good design:  (1) uses cupboard doors as supports, not legs; (2) can access storage from front or from top.


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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Movie review of Two Night Stand

Last night (Friday) I finished watching Two Night Stand on Netflix -- it came up as a suggestion (I must watch a lot of rom-coms!).  A young woman gets dumped by her boyfriend, and thus (after some coercion by her roommate) uses an online hookup site to arrange a one-night stand:  the next morning she tries to escape, but it turns out there's been a blizzard and she's snowed in -- stuck at this guy's apartment.

I had started watching it on Thursday night, watched the first third, and then went to bed.  That's an indicator right there, BTW:  really good films capture me and trick me into staying up past my bedtime.  The whole time, I was thinking "That lead actress looks somehow familiar...".

I watched Crazy, Stupid Love with my daughter on Friday (she'd never seen it before), then returned to finish watching this, rather than go to bed:  aha!  the lead actress (Analeigh Tipton) also played the babysitter with a crush on Steve Carrell's character!  Ah.

The female lead is charismatic, and I'd consider watching her other work (there's a few actors that I just generally enjoy in [nearly] all of their movies:  Zoe Kazan and Mark Ruffalo are two others).  Whereas I found the male lead subtly off-putting in a way that I couldn't specify (sorry, guy).

It's decent enough, and not quite cliched:  a few original elements that I've not seen before (and I've seen a lot of rom-coms).  I'm glad I saw it, but am unlikely to watch it again, so am unlikely to buy the DVD (i.e. no delectable scenes that I'd fast forward to, to see over and over).

Lot's of sex talk, and a sex scene.  Moderately frequent swearing.  No violence.



Friday, October 18, 2019

Early uses of synths in pop music

This came up among my YouTube suggestions:  interesting!  Many things I hadn't known (or noticed) before.


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