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Friday, August 30, 2019

Innovative drummer

Found this guy about half a year ago, while browsing through various drum demos on YouTube -- on our smart t.v.  Which meant I couldn't bookmark it.  And then I couldn't find it again.  Fortuitously found it again tonight.

Gabriel Wallace.  What I find interesting is that most "drum solos" or drum/cymbal demos are (1) not terribly catchy -- just thrashing about, and (2) rely on the snare.

In contrast, this guy has a good groove, the solos are melodic and seem like "compositions":  they actually go somewhere.  And he doesn't seem to use the snare at all.  Although:  upon re-watching, there's a large cymbal directly in front of him, with a tight "thak" sound, which is serving the role of the snare (hits every other quarter-note).  But still:  different.

In the second video, it takes him a little while to get in to it.

I'm gonna have to track down more of his stuff.


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Saturday, August 17, 2019

A new realm

I know a reasonable amount about recording audio, based on about twenty-five years of reading and experience -- but for the last few months I've been also been watching YouTube tutorials about various aspects of film-making.

I think I'm starting to get the notion (I haven't actually tried applying my knowledge, yet) -- but it's interesting to me how much I don't know -- in terms of both technique and terminology.

Some of it has interesting parallels to recording:  for example, choosing a lens is a little like selecting the right microphone; lighting is a little like room treatments and reverb; color temperature is a little like EQ.  But these are only approximations.

Am considering buying a "decent" camera (i.e. one where you can swap out the lenses).  Maybe for Christmas...


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