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Friday, July 05, 2019

A somewhat random thought while at work

Thought of this today, while at work:

I've known Old Roommate for over 30 years.  Yow.  (I am old.)

Which means that I've know him for longer than I've not known him.

Furthermore:  in a few years, I'll have known him for two-thirds of my life.

That's pretty cool.  :)   (He's a good guy.)


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Problem solving

Thursday near the end of the business day, the heel of my co-worker's dress boot snapped off.  She takes the train, which is about six blocks away, and she didn't have any other shoes with her.

But -- I have tubes of super glue in my desk drawer -- and a bottle of methyl alcohol to clean the gluing surfaces -- and I happened to have a pair of bar clamps at work that I was re-sellilng (at cost) to a co-worker) (AU$10 for the pair -- and they're actually decent quality; from Aldi).

So, I cleaned, glued, and clamped the boot heel.

Prior to this, I got a clean bin liner from the stash at the bottom of one of the wastebins, cut the end off to make it a tube, then cut down the side to make it a plastic sheet (to protect the table I was using as a workstation).

Because the sheet ended up being excesively large (relative to the size of the table) -- and because I'm paranoid about getting superglue on my skin (e.g. fingers stuck together), I cut some of the plastic sheet from the end, and used rubber bands to make plastic "mittens" to protect my hands.

Seemed to work:  I asked her about it the next day, and her heel had stayed attached  for the entire trip home.

(A learning:  in addition to gluing the flat heel surfaces together, there were two spikes that protrotruded from the boot, and two corresponding holes in the heel -- so I also drizzled some glue down the holes, and onto the sides of the spikes:  I figured they probably helped to hold the whole assembly together.)

I didn't get to use it for this -- but I have a small tool kit that I've kept under the desk of everywhere I've worked since 1998 -- just in case someone has a screw or a bolt that needs tightening, etc.  And I have WD-40, duct tape, a ball of twine, and some other stuff in my desk.  Including the super glue.


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