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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Expressive or instrumental shed

Haven't posted a blog entry in a while:  just been busy (or preoccupied), I guess.

A few weeks ago I came up with an idea for a small shack:  just a proof-of-concept; something to make with the piles of salvaged lumber I have stashed around the back yard.  Or, more correctly:  I've made a pathetic little shelter out of a single-swing swingset by tying a tarp over it (so, an A-frame setup), and have that next to a small fire pit, which I sometimes sit next to on a wooden bench that I made and watch the flames.

This small shack is an extension of the little A-frame shelter:  wide enough across the back for a small bunk; deep enough front-to-back to make it unlikely for the fire pit (in the front right of the shelter) to throw sparks onto the bunk.  Has enough room for a small table/desk; a small standing-height workbench (mostly for firewood preparation -- but maybe also for food prep); room to store firewood; and a few shelves for misc. storage.

Thinking about having a second bunk across the back, just for the flexibility of housing a second person.  Otherwise, would just be used for storage.

It's more "expressive" than "instrumental" -- i.e. it fulfills something emotional or creative, rather than having a practical need.  Because of that, it'll (pragmatically) be years before I get around to it.  Although I might up the timeline by making it serve a second, "practical" purpose.

My current design has it with open windows and no door, just a doorway.  I suppose if I add shutters (or windows) and a door, and a padlock, it can be storage for the gardening tools (shovels, rakes, etc.):  currently they don't have a good place to go.

Or, I can make a "trench forge" in it (maybe as part of the fire pit):  the dirt floor would house the pit, and putting it all under a roof would help to keep the surrounding area just dirt, rather than grass.

I discovered the concept of trench forges a few months ago while laid up with a bad back:  I was lying on the sofa all day, just browsing YouTube.

This is my preferred approach (this guy also does sword-making, and viking reenactments):

This is a similar approach:

I think the idea of a shed or shack is a response to dim memories of my paternal grandfather's fishing shack, near the side of the river he used to fish at.  I went there once or twice (I think he actually had two different shacks), but my brother would remember better than I would, as he went there a lot more -- and for a longer period, and at an older age:  he actually likes fishing.

I did a bit of a YouTube search for fishing shacks, but just ended up with ice fishing shacks (similar, but not quite).  I also searched for tiny cabins -- but all were way too large (I think my grandpa's fishing shack was about an adult's arm width across:   door, with an embedded bench on each side of the door.  There was a small wood-burning stove, so you could sit inside during cold weather and watch your fishing rod through a window to see if it bobbed, in response to getting a bite.

This one is pretty close in size to my grandpa's fishing shack-- though not in layout:

Likewise, this one -- although I think my grandpa's shack would be a little narrower.  But:  I was a little kid -- so sizes would've seemed different to me compared to now.


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