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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Good times

Hm!  I haven't blogged in a while:  my main PC broke, and it's a nuisance to type on my oddly small "recording laptop".  But:  I am compelled.

I just had two of the most enjoyable experiences in my life.  One was about 10am this morning, when I had only been awake about 15 minutes, and somehow the kids and I all ended up on my bed, joking around and laughing, and at the end I was somehow hugging all of them at the same time and my belly was just a little sore from laughing.

The other was about ten minutes ago, when I finally got around to having breakfast.  I'm alone in the house, watching the enjoyable (to me) rom-com What If on DVD, and pouring myself a second bowl of cinnamon cereal with just the right amount of milk.

As a general update (and a note to my future self):  I have a backlog of woodworking projects to complete (and also to start), and tons of songs yet to record (and many to finish writing); lots of partly-started songs (song snippets; song ideas); and I've been dabbling with the bongo drums every day (basically every time I walk past them), and my peculiar two-string electric bass once or twice a week.  And my back no longer seems messed up -- so that's good (but need to keep doing my stretches daily, and back exercises 2-3x/week, for the rest of my life, rather than get lazy and allow myself to throw out my back again).

Because my PC is down, I've lost track of the days. But they still pass by.  Relentlessly.


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