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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Back is vaguely better

As I noted in yesterday's blog entry, I somehow messed up my back yesterday afternoon -- by picking up a tiny packet of doggie treats off the floor!  I messed up my back about two years ago, by using poor lifting technique on a surprisingly heavy potted plant -- so this is probably a re-injury in the same vein.

Unlike yesterday, where I soldiered on and kept doing a bunch of tasks that I felt needed to be done -- today I (mostly!) took it easy:  I spent a lot of time in bed, reading and/or napping.  Although I did sort some laundry.  As much as I could, I had the kids carry things for me.

As long as I keep my torso upright, I'm okay:  it's more sore than painful.  But I can't bend over at all:  I have to squat or kneel to get things off the ground.  And I can't sit in a slouchy position.

I dislike being not physically able.  A precursor to old age, perhaps?  But hopefully not.

I just gotta remember to maintain good lifting technique -- even for tiny items!


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