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Friday, April 14, 2017

Review of the documentary The Beatles - Eight Days a Week

The Beatles – Eight Days a Week was good: if you enjoy the Beatles – or are from that era – you ought to see it.

It explores their earlier years, through perhaps three-fourths of the way through their career: the story ends substantially before their breakup. It's based on archival footage of concerts, interviews, and t.v. appearances – plus interviews with a few famous folks (e.g. Whoopi Goldberg) who discuss what The Beatles meant to them growing up.

Ron Howard directed it – and since it's a documentary, I'm inferring that he did the editing as well. As usual, he did a commendable job.

It does sanitize a lot of their lives, such as minimizing their drug use and omitting their extra-marital affairs. The main focus was that it was a wild ride, which they eventually got sick of – and that the four boys banded together like brothers.

I recommend.




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