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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Miss the music

Last night I did a hard drive search and dug up a bunch of recordings of my songs that I've done over the years, and converted them to mp3s (most of them pre-date the mp3 format!).

Today I listened to them in the car, on my way to -- and from -- work.  Some of them I'd forgotten that I'd recorded; one of them I'd even forgotten about the song!

And, one of them was a jam I did with two guys from my dorm, at my second university.

That, combined with a version of "Is This Love" which includes Old Roommate on guitar, made me realize that I miss being in a band:  there's something about making something out of nothing, and playing music with other people -- not a cover song, but our own unique creation.

One of the few things that I miss:  I'm oddly "middle", in that I don't get excited about much, but also don't miss much.


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