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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Some sort of tradeoff

Yesterday I was more tired than usual (I thought maybe I was coming down with a cold), so I went to bed at the remarkably early time of 8:20pm.  Usually "10pm" is early; my usual bedtime is more like 11pm.

So, I went to bed -- and woke up at about 1:30am.  Or rather, a kid woke me.  Fair enough -- except that I couldn't get properly back to sleep.  Whereas, usually I'm a fairly robust sleeper:  if interrupted, I roll over and immediately fall back asleep.

I drifted in and out -- and then at about 1:45am, I came up with a song idea (both melody and lyrics).  After lying there about five minutes, I figured that I ought to record it, rather than lose it -- so I went and got my cell phone, and sang into the voice recorder function.  Then I put my phone back, and went back to bed.

And then I came up with another line.  Got up; recorded it at 1:48am; back to bed.

Another line; 1:50am; back to bed.

Around this point I just took the phone with me.

1:51:40.  Also 1:51:57.


2:09am.  Also 2:10am.

Long pause.


All of this was contributing to the same song.  So I think I have a complete song now.  In fact, I'll probably have to edit it down and drop the least-strong lyrics:  that's a strong position to be in.    

3:20am, a song concept, in the form of a single line.  I jotted it down in the "Notes" app; will develop it some other time.

Got up at 6:30am.  So, I got 5 + 3 = 8 hours of sleep.  That's enough.  I was a little groggy when I first got up, but I'm fine now.

And it's an acceptable trade-off:  interrupted sleep, in exchange for a full song plus an additional idea.

As an aside:  I'm pretty sure this is called "segmented sleep".  It's perfectly natural.  It happens to me when my sleep needs are "saturated":  when I go to bed late and only get six or seven hours of sleep, it doesn't happen:  I fall asleep almost immediately, and sleep straight through.


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