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Monday, February 20, 2017

Some sharpening stones

Hey -- alliteration!  :)

I'm posting these photos as a small favor to a list member on a woodworking e-mail list I belong to.

I've posted them, as well as his descriptions.  As usual, click on the photo to enlarge them.

Image 0399: All Naturals including my Old Hard Black and the Belgian Coticules, shaped Hard Arkansas and India.

Image 0400: Shows the Black Arkansas close up along with the Yellow-Blue Coticule, and the Yellow bonded to what I presume to be slate.

Image 0402: Shows my boxed water stones (6000, a Natural water stone, 1500, 1000), razor hones, ceramics, a diamond, and a mix of boxed and mounted Carborundums and India’s.

Image 0403: 8000 water stone upper left, yet to be determined Natural Arkansas upper right, the rest are all shaped mostly manmade stones.
The three just below the Natural are taper slips, I believe the dark one to be an old really fine India, the white is most likely a Hard Arkansas, only one I‘ve ever run across.

BTW:  niiiice!   :)


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