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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Where do I get it from

(Actually, that's bad grammar:  I should've called this entry "From where do I get it?" or simply "Where do I get it?")

It's probably normal to attribute personality characteristics to your genetic forebearers:  people like to find order and patterns and meanings in things.

Here's my interpretation of where some of my traits come from.  I'm only going to list my positive traits, because to list my negative traits -- of which I have many -- and then attribute them to various ancestors would be unkind.


-From my dad, and my dad's side (and some of my mom's side), I get my mechanical and spatial ability.

-From my dad's side, I get my verbal ability and wordplay.

-Sadly, I did not get my dad's sense of direction...

-From my mom, and my grandpa on her side, I get my general good nature and mostly-jolly disposition.

-From my grandma on my mom's side, I get my tendency to "take in strays".

-From my grandma on my dad's side, I get my "food is love" tendency, my hugginess, and my desire to compliment people and make them feel good about themselves.

-From my grandpa on my dad's side I get the (late-blooming) interest in woodworking, and the tendency to solve mechanical problems by building a wooden jig or device for it -- often un-bidden, and sometimes anonymously.

-Giving to charity I get from my dad.

-My artistic-eclectic nature I get from my mom.

-I can't directly attribute my musical interests to anyone.  My grandfather on my dad's side was able to learn music by ear -- which I struggle with, but Guitar Cousin does it well.  My dad gave me my appreciation for popular music, and the tendency to have music going while I do tasks around the house (which I currently don't do, because The Lady dislikes excess noise; but I listen to CDs via headphones at work). 


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