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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Repaired a chair

It's the first weekend of a week's vacation -- and I like to spend my vacation "getting things done".   Here's one of my mini-projects.

People around here sometimes leave "givaway" items along the grassy strip near the road, in front of their house.  I picked this chair up a few weeks ago.

I sat on it before throwing it in the truck.  Yup:  comfortable.  Surprisingly so. 

Someone had used some sort of gummy construction adhesive to try to glue the loose slat.  It hadn't really worked, so the slat was held on with a long strip of packing tape.

And the person had also glued it in the wrong direction:  the curved front of the slat was towards the rear -- but the other three were towards the front.

So, first I used a chisel to get rid of most of the crummy adhesive.  Then I finished up with some sandpaper, for the residual crud.

Here's my glue-up.  I'm using little wooden wedges to fine-tune the side-to-side alignment of the slat -- and clamps to align the ends of the slat with its neighbors.

And, of course, clamps on either end of the slat, to hold it in place until the **decent** glue dries.

Hm!  I thought I'd taken a photo of the finished product -- but I guess not.

Well... you can imagine.

Anyhow:  I gained a free, sturdy, comfortable chair, for the cost of a little labor and a few squeezings of woodworking glue.


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