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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Review of Alex and Eve

I rented the Australian-made movie Alex and Eve, which is about a guy from a Greek Orthodox family, and a gal from a Lebanese Muslim family, who meet and fall in love.  It's set in Sydney, I believe.

As noted on the back of the DVD case, it's somewhat "Romeo and Juliet".  I thought that the ethnic and religious depictions (and the Sydney-ish ethnic accents) seemed plausible (to the extent that I know about such things).  Likewise, the difficulty of falling in love across religious and ethnic lines, when both sets of parents are first-generation immigrants and deep into their religions and cultures.

However, I thought that the final ten(?) minutes lost a lot of that, and sacrificed plausibility for a happy ending:  I'm don't think that there would be any "happy ending" possible in the situation depicted in the movie.  (Note: Yeah, that's kind of a spoiler. But were you really expecting a non-happy ending in a rom-com...???)

Still:  a good movie.  I was always engaged, and never bored.

A noticeable amount of swearing, and some talking about sex.

Very glad I rented it -- but there weren't any "memorable scenes" that I'd watch over and over -- so I won't bother buying it.




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