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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Labelling my saws

I'm guessing that most hand tool woodworkers don't have any trouble keeping track of which of their saws are rip-filed, and which are crosscut.  But I've always had a problem with it.

Yeah, I know that you just sight down the teeth to tell -- but my eyes are old and weak, so I keep second-guessing myself.

My old way was that I'd write on the side of the sawblade with a permanent marker:  either "RIP" or "X-C" for "cross-cut". But I didn't like the look -- and besides, after a while it would wear off.

But today I'm trying a new way:  I bought five bucks of yarn -- a skein of red, and a skein of blue.   "Red" is for "rip", and "cyan [blue]" is for "crosscut" (or just "not-red".

We'll see how it goes.

Yeah -- most of my saws are filed for "rip".  I'll explain some other time.  (And:  these aren't all of my saws...)   ;)


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