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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Stylophone timeline

November 2009 (approx.):  Saw the below Molly Lewis cover of Lady GaGa's "Poker Face" on YouTube; decided I wanted a Stylophone (see 0:47).

12 December 2009:  Added MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” to my (exceedingly long!) list of "Songs to Cover... Eventually".  Notes include:  maybe use a Stylophone for the main riff.

24 January 2011:  Mail-ordered a Stylophone from a "neat-o things" Australian website; showed up in the mail after a few days.

Late January 2011:  Played the Stylophone once; found the interface awkward (poking the flat keyboard with a stylus); put it back in the box.

17 Oct 2016:  In our "Room of Boxes", where I do my music things, ventured into a rarely-visited corner; saw the Stylophone on top of a pile of boxes; realized I had not touched it in (literally) years; decided that there's little point in me keeping it.

18 Oct 2016 (morning):  Gave the Stylophone to a co-worker "Notesy", with whom I occasionally geek out about synths and other musical gear; he's far more likely to actually use it than me -- and at the very least, he'll appreciate it (he certainly seemed appreciative at the time; knew what it was from the photo on the box, even though I had the name intentionally covered up).

18 Oct 2016 (evening):  Typed up this timeline; realized that it wasn't just "a few years" that I'd not used the Stylophone -- it was more than five years; yep.


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