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Monday, October 17, 2016

Multitool magic

I send my family a snapshot of me and a necktie, and my sister e-mailed back to ask about my belt pouches.  This was my reply:

Tools: I dislike being without tools on my person -- it drives me nutty to be unprepared. For example, every few days at work I open a package of frozen veggies: instead of having to go back to my desk, I just get my folding scissors out of my pocket. 

About two weeks ago a co-worker came up to me and asked if I had a screwdriver (I have a reputation on the floor for having tools). I reached into my pouch and got out my multitool: he was suitable impressed that I had a screwdriver **on** me (rather than my having to crawl under my desk to get my tool kit). 

And yesterday during my lunch break, two German(?) young-ish tourists were sitting on a bench, trying to open an inexpensive bicycle LED light they had just bought, to insert the batteries. I offered my assistance, and (again) brought out my multi-tool. I let them do the actual opening, though [using the flat-blade screwdriver]. 

I also also carry a few rubber bands with me (looped around one of the pouches).  I was standing in line at a store, about two months ago, and the woman in front of my asked the check-out lady if she had a rubber band she could use. The check-out lady said, apologetically, that she did not. But -- I did!!! So I gave her a rubber band, and saved the day. 

Two pouches on each hip. From far left, to far right: pocket knife; harmonica; multitool; cellphone


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