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Monday, September 19, 2016

Kids at the park

The kids are on school vacation, so I took a week off to hang out with them.  Next week it's The Lady's turn.

Took 'em to one of the local parks today:  this is the second time during this vacation -- so, every three(?) days?  I've been doing outdoors projects during the day, so we don't head over to the park until about two hours before sundown.  These two photos were taken around 5pm and 5:45pm.  We're in the southern hemisphere, so September is springtime, I suppose.

This local park is on the waterfront, and has a giant wading pool that's connected by a large pipe -- covered with a grille -- to the ocean.

This photo is the 5:45pm one.  The sun was making the sky a purty color, so I took a few snapshots.

We don't tend to be at the waterfront at this time of night:  we tend to be at home, surrounded by trees.  So we don't usually see the sunset colors.

Anyhow:  nice.

This is the wading pool, also, by the way.  You get a sense of the size.


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