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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fire pit cover

I'm on vacation -- or technically, this is the weekend that leads up to my week of vacation.

I've decided to work on a bunch of small- and medium-sized projects, just to get things done -- rather than embark on a huge project, not finish it by the end of the week, and get all disappointed.

For some reason -- possibly because it reminds me of family get-togethers during the summer at my paternal grandparents' house -- I like occasionally building a small fire in the back yard.  I build it in a little terracotta fire pit (see photo above).

However, sometimes it's raining, and it puts out the fire.  Sad.

So, I decided to use an old rusty barrel (it was already on the property when we inherited it; presumably one of the "treasures" collected by The Lady's granddad) into a simple shelter.  It was already squished:  I didn't do it.

Below is a photo of the project partway through: I had used a framing square and a grease pencil to draw a guide line -- then had at it with an angle grinder.

Once it was cut all the way through, it was kind of a "C" shape -- so I stood in the middle and used my (gloved!) hands to bend it into more of a "U"-shape.   Unfortunately, I was wearing shorts (as usual, when I'm working outdoors), and accidentally backed into the rusty, jagged edge.  Whoops.

I leaked a little bit.

Sometimes I'd just keep on working after cutting myself -- but this time I was sensible, and went inside and washed it out, and bandaged it.  But before putting the bandage on (not shown), I used my electric clippers to shave off my leg hair all the way around -- so that the bandage would stick better.

And, here's a photo of the results, which I shot tonight:  a fire, under the shelter.  Proof of a completed mini-project.

By the way, I don't purchase firewood.  Some of what I burn is small scraps from various woodworking projects.  And I also collect fallen branches from the trees in our yard, and burn those.

(9/19/16) Addendum:  Here's what it looks like in daylight.

I haven't yet tried it in the rain.  But it seems like it would work.


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