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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Everything else that I did

Well, I'm back at work.  But, I got a lot done on vacation.

In addition to the blog entries from this last week, here are other things that I've done:

-Some exercising

-Put some more music on the kids' mp3 players

-Sewed some seams for the kids' stuffed animals:  a Luigi doll, a black spider, another black spider

-Mended a hole in a brown sitting cushion

-Sewed on a button to a work shirt; sewed on a button to my work trousers

-Super-glued the frame of my reading glasses (they've been held together with tape for a year or two; my brother in law suggested that I super-glue them; duh -- yes)

-Binge-watched the last half of the final season of Friends with my daughter

-Read a bedtime story to my kids (on the nights where they actually went to bed at a decent hour (they've been on school holidays)

So:  pretty good. :)


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