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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dirt over tree root

I'm on a week's vacation.  Usually after a vacation -- or even a weekend -- I know I did things, but it's all kind of a blur.  So this time I'm keeping a list, so I'll feel like I accomplished things.

More specifically, I've been doing a lot of small- and medium-sized projects, to achieve a sense of accomplishment -- instead of setting out to do some giant project, running out of time before completing it -- and feeling like I didn't accomplish anything.

Here's one of my small things:  there's a tree root in the front yard to rises up from the grass.  When I ride over it on the riding mower I sometimes get stuck -- the wheels dangle -- and I have to get off the mower and pull it sideways to free it.

So, today I got a wheelbarrow of dirt and spread it around the protruding root, to make the over-all curve more gradual -- so that I will no longer get stuck.  Blondie boy (B1) helped me

The Girl drove over it on the riding mower -- and didn't get stuck!  Yep; seems to have worked.


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