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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Devo classified

Visited a CD store on my lunch break.

I was slightly disappointed to discover that Devo wasn’t in the “Alternative” section: they are now found in the “Popular” section.  So I guess they're "mainstream" now...

Also: I asked the sales clerk to look up an album by New Order (a new wave band from the '80s) in the computer, to see if it was in stock.  The clerk (25-ish) asked “New who…?”

But she did know knew of the song “Blue Monday” (“How… does it feel… to treat me like you do…”),which was one of their big hits.

I knew someone who, about five years ago, was 18 or 19 and looking for a Christmas job at a CD store.  One of the interview questions was "Name all of the Beatles."  She couldn't -- but got hired anyhow.

I am a cranky old man.


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