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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Chicken feeder lid

I'm on a week's vacation, so I'm logging all the different little projects and things I've accomplished.

For the last few weeks I've noticed that the chicken food is disappearing from their hopper faster than it used to.  Or at least it seems that way.  I'm wondering if a mouse or rat is getting in there and having dinner.

The land that our house is on had a lot of miscellaneous from my wife's grandad, who used to collect "useful" things.  Among other things were some stump caps.

Stump caps were used in a traditional form of housing around here:  they used to build wooden houses that were elevated up on knee-high or waist-high "stumps" -- basically, wooding pilings.  Elevating the houses allowed cool air to pass under the house.  However, the termites would sometimes attack the stumps.  To prevent the termites from getting into the framework of the house, stump caps -- which look like large pie tins -- would be placed between the stumps and the frame of the house.  This would block the termites from the wooden framework.

So, today I took one of the stump caps; crudely punched a long-ish hole in it -- and placed it over the feed hopper. 

We'll see if it prevents any food theft.


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