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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Movie review of The Blues Brothers

I'd seen The Blues Brothers before, many years aog, but had picked up the used DVD at Cash Converters, and got around to watching it.

It's interesting that I noticed different things this time around, including gendered interactions (e.g. at Bob's Country Bunker, as the evening wrapped up, the bar lady was rubbing the shoulders of Bob (the owner): seems like as the person behind the bar, **her** shoulders would've been more sore than Bob's).

I also paid attention to the music gear at Ray's Music Shop, whereas when I first saw The Blues Brothers I must not have been into guitars yet.

 Some people view The Blues Brothers as a classic. I'd say it's worth seeing at least once.

Some swearing (I've seen worse), I don't recall any sex, nudity, or “realistic” violence.




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