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Sunday, July 03, 2016

Wherever did my weekend go

Nearly every Monday, my co-workers ask how my weekend went, and what I did -- and I usually can't tell them.  I know that I did "things" -- but usually none of it is noteworthy enough to stick in my brain.

Wow:  as I write that, it makes me sound senile.  The funny thing is, I can say exactly what I did at work the previous day.  So I suspect that I just drift through the weekend, happy to not be at work, but don't really pay attention.

This time, I actually paid attention -- and here's what I did.

Saturday, I slept in, and had a peculiar but enjoyable dream -- which I will not share.

Then I took the kids to their piano lesson, which takes an hour and a half:  30 minutes per child.  While I waited, I repaired the two wrist seams on an old long-sleeved t-shirt (using a whip stitch), plus the fallen hem on a pair of walking shorts (some sort of modified running stitch).

I watched a few episodes of Friends on DVD with my kids (we're methodically going through all ten seasons).

Then we all went to the 6pm showing of The BFG.

And finally, I finally typed various items into my computer -- and stayed up late doing it.

On Sunday I cut some firewood from a downed tree in the woods behind our house, and showed the kids how to start a fire from scratch, using flint and steel -- although I had to cheat and douse the tinder in rubbing alcohol to get it to catch!

The kids have a "Harry Potter" day this Friday at vacation care, so they looked for fallen branches to be their magic wands.  I showed them how to cut them to length, using a backsaw (but had them do the actual work), and how to use a rasp, a file and sandpaper to take the bark off, and round the ends.

I planted various seeds in some large pots:  three ginger roots; some weird seed pods that I found a few weekends ago at the beach, from a weird tree; and an avocado pit.

I trimmed one of our dogs with scissors, because his hair was getting a bit matted.

I did my chinups and pullups -- first time since getting back from vacation about two weeks ago.

I found the USB cable for the (somewhat obsolete) USB recording interface that I bought on my trip to the U.S. a few weeks ago.

And, I vacuumed our bedroom, with a long and annoying interruption while I unclogged our vacuum cleaner:  it's a bad design, where the telescoping portion gets narrower as it carries the items from the floor towards the bag -- so things sometimes get clogged.

So:  yep -- I did "stuff".  :)  Accomplished a lot. 


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