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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Dad boots

Over the last few months I've been restoring the leather on my dad's "older-looking" set of jungle boots.  (Rub in olive oil until the leather no longer absorbs it.  But keep it where the air can circulate, or else it gets mildewy.)  They're actual Vietnam War-era combat boots -- slightly older than I am.

This weekend I polished both of them:  the blacker ones with black shoe polish, and the duller ones with "clear" polish; acknowledging that when you're sneaking through the jungle you probably wouldn't want to be shiny.

Not perfect -- but, an improvement.

On Monday, I wore them in to work, Ralph Nader style.  (Second photo taken on the train ride to work.)

Will probably wear the non-black ones to work on "casual Friday" of this week.


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