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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What is character

Something occurred at work in the middle of last year (2015), and also this week, which had made me wonder "What is a person's true character?" and "Who is a person?"  So this blog entry tries to address that pair of questions -- possibly without a satisfying answer.

People tend to wear many faces, and have many facets:  the persona you put on at home is probably different than who you are at work.  And a person might have a jolly side, an irritable side, a kindly side...

Let's say that a person is actually fairly negative -- but he spends his time being cheerful, lively, and outgoing.  If the person is like that (in public) all the time -- is that truly how the person "is"?  If you behave in a way that contradicts your inner tendencies -- that is, you don't actually manifest your inner tendencies -- do they even count any more?  Is the way you behave -- for all practical purposes -- the definition of who you are?

I'm pretty sure that how you behave when no one is looking would count more strongly than how you behave when you know that you're "on show".  So if someone brings cakes and cookies to work all the time -- sure, the person might be generous -- but she might also be trying to "buy" people's friendship.  (So, I guess motivations play a part as well...)  But if the person also gives money to a panhandler (and doesn't think anyone that she knows is watching), or gives an anonymous donation and doesn't tell anyone about it -- just gives the money -- okay, that person is generous.  :)

I'll possibly come back and revise this.

But, I might not.


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